Thailand- Top Budget Tips & Tricks

After spending 3 weeks in Thailand here are some of my top tips to make the most of your trip!

  1. Bangkok: Stay in the D&D Inn! It is in the middle of Koh San Road and has a rooftop pool too! Also full of Irish!
  2. Seven- Eleven toasties will be your BEST FRIEND. The ham and cheese croissant (pink packet) cost around 27 baht and are so delicious they heat them up for you in the shop! Cheap, Cheerful and hit the spot.
  3. HAGGLE- literally haggle with everything – tours, taxis, markets, ferries etc..anything thats not a set price like a restaurant or shop. Thai people constantly try to rip tourists off! Always start by offering at least half the asking price if not Β a quarter, you’ll be surprised how cheap you can actually get it for.
  4. Do not order a taxi from the people on the ferry between the islands. They rip you off and try to tell you there won’t be any taxis when you arrive ( especially late at night!) This is completely untrue and you can get taxis for half the price when you arrive!
  5. Don’t buy from the first place you see, shop around for whatever your looking for tours, buses, clothes etc.. because there is always somewhere cheaper
  6. Alcohol: if you’re on budget buy your alcohol from Seven-Eleven its so much cheaper! You can get nearly a litre of Chang beer for 90 baht which is around €2
  7. When planning your route look into the price of flights. It can actually workout very similar in price to buses/trains and saves so much time!
  8. If you are booking flights don’t forget to allow extra cost for checked baggage! usually adds about €10 extra to the price!
  9. If you are doing a lot of flying make sure your bag is no more than 15kg1 This is the cheapest baggage allowance for a lot of internal flights so its best to ensure your bag is under that.
  10. Book accommodation with pools! It was so hot and humid in Thailand we wished we had booked more accommodation with pools. We were near the beach in most places but it still can be too hot!
  11. Download the app It is so handy to have, basically acts like Google Maps but you don’t need internet to use it.
  12. There is wifi in most restaurants so there isn’t really any need to get a sim card.
  13. Stick to Thai food! Not only is it cheaper but most of the time it is cooked better.
  14. Thai people are very relaxed a lot of buses etc do not leave on time, so always allow some extra time to get to your destination when travelling. This happens in airports too, the queues move so slowly so make sure you have plenty of time in-between flights!
  15. Book your ferries early especially around the time of the Full Moon Party as they always sell out quickly!

Hope these help!




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