SEAnic Snorkelling – Koh Tao

Koh Tao is such a nice  place to chill and relax after the madness of the Full Moon Party. We arrived the day after the Full Moon Party. (If you want to leave soon after the Full Moon Party book your ferry asap as they sell out so quickly – one way ticket costs around 400 baht). We stayed in the Sairee Village on Koh Tao which is such a nice area of the island. We got a taxi from the ferry terminal to our hostel which cost 80 baht each ( 100 baht is normally the standard price for all taxis on the islands). We found we had to get taxis to a lot of places on the islands and most journeys are a standard 100 baht per person, so make sure to budget for that as we didn’t! TOP TIP : do not book taxis from people on the ferries, they will rip you off and try convince you there will be no taxis when you get off but there are and they’re a lot cheaper!


We stayed in Jizo’s hostel which was in a great location but the hostel itself was very poor. Our room was tiny, kind of like a prison cell and we had bed bugs too, so I would not recommend to stay here but definitely stay in the area if you can. We were less than a 5 minute walk to the beach which is gorgeous. Koh Tao is my favourite of the three islands – it is way less commercialised, so beautiful and the snorkelling is INCREDIBLE.

We did a day trip snorkelling with Turtle Welcome Tours which we booked through a tourist office. The tour cost us 450 baht each and was a whole day tour – snorkelling in 5 different locations and included lunch, water and fruit as well as the snorkels. It was really good and the fish and coral are amazing! Snorkelling is a MUST in Koh Tao.

I also decided to do a day scuba diving with Roctopus Diving School. I had never been diving before so opted to do the 1 day scuba diving for 2,000 baht with the option of doing an additional dive for 1,000 baht. It was definitely a bucket list experience and it was amazing to get so close to the fish and coral. We only went 8m down so it wasn’t too deep but we still got to see everything. The only thing I was surprised at it was we didn’t practice in a pool at all, I was quite literally thrown into the deep end! We had a practice run in shallow water, doing some skills and signals but that was it and we didn’t resurface for an hour! I found it quite terrifying as I didn’t realise we would be under the water for that long. However I did really enjoy it and our instructor JMac was excellent. I decided not to do the second dive as I felt I saw a lot on the first one however I definitely would scuba dive again it was such a cool experience and once you remember and realise you can breath and don’t panic its incredible!

The Koh Tao Pub Crawl is also so much fun, I would definitely recommend doing it. It costs 450 baht each and you get a free t-shirt, free bucket and a free shot. The crawl starts in Choppers and brings you to a pool party, a lady boy show and a beach bar! It’s a great night out and a great way to meet fellow backpackers!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions.




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