Full Moon Madness – Koh Phangan

Home of the Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan is packed with party goers, buckets and luminous paint! We arrived two days before the full moon party from Koh Phi Phi which was a 12 hour journey – 2 ferries and a bus. We stayed in Om Ganesh hostel which is in a great location, really close to the full moon party beach and just opposite a 7/11. The hostel also offers a free Indian buffet to all its guests the night before the full moon party and offers free paint and a free bucket on the night of the party. Another great place to stay is Coral Bungalows . It’s really social, in a great location and has a really nice pool! I would recommend to book your accommodation in advance especially if you are going to Koh Phangan for the full moon party as lots of places book up very quickly and also have minimum stay requirements.

The night before the Full Moon Party there is a Jungle Party. The tickets for the Jungle Party cost 600 baht. I bought mine through Coral Bungalows for 700 baht which included a free drink and taxi there. The party itself is crazy! It’s really cool, definitely would recommend going.


Spending the day after the Jungle Party by the beach/pool is essential to recover for the main event – the Full Moon Party (FMP). The party is MENTAL it’s literally a massive beach party with thousands of people, fire ropes, buckets and lots of luminous  paint.  The party is free to get into and there are lots of stalls on the street where you can get yourself painted with glow paint. We paid 200 baht each to get our arms and face painted which was really good. Again make sure to haggle some try to charge 600 baht! Drinks at the FMP can be a bit expensive so a lot of people buy beer/spirits from 7/11 and bring them to the beach. ( a more budget friendly option)

At the Full Moon Party I would advise to stay away from the buckets if you can. The buckets are LETHAL and get spiked so easily! There is also so many people there so its really easy to lose your friends as well as your phone, money and dignity so mind each other! Apart from that it’s so much fun. The island is buzzing and there are so many backpackers. If you aren’t there for the Full Moon don’t worry there are lots of other parties including the Half Moon Party, Waterfall Party etc..  Click the link below to check when the next FMP is.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions.









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