Phi Phi Paradise

Koh Phi Phi is a beautiful island just off the coast of Phuket/Krabi, Thailand. We flew from Chiang Mai to Krabi with Air Asia which took about 2 hours and cost around €60. I would definitely recommend flying, you can get some really cheap flights and it saves so much time and often can be a similar price to long haul trains/buses! We then got the ferry from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi (1hr30min) but made the MISTAKE of buying a return ticket which would bring us to Koh Phangan..We were charged 1400 baht for the return ticket and only realised when we got to Koh Phi Phi that you can get a one way ticket to Koh Phangan from Phi Phi for around 350-500 baht. So ADVICE buy your ticket to Phi Phi but do not get return, Krabi to Phi Phi will be about 400 baht but always haggle as they constantly try to rip you off.


When you arrive to Phi Phi you have to pay an entrance fee of 20 baht per person as part of an initiative to keep the island clean. The island itself has no roads so you have to walk everywhere but, it so much FUN and so beautiful we really enjoyed our time here. We stayed on Koh Phi Phi for 6 nights in the Golden Hill Bungalow Resort. The word ‘resort’ makes this place sound me its not. It is very basic, the wifi isn’t great, and there was just a fan (no aircon) but we did have our own triple room which we appreciated after being in hostel dorms. For 3 of us sharing it worked out at about €6 each per night. If you are looking for somewhere affordable and in a good location this place does the job and it has a pool too. It is located near the Koh Phi Phi View point and takes less than 10 minutes to walk to the beach and main area of the island. The location is perfect, still close enough to all the action yet far away enough that it’s not too noisy at night time.

The food on Phi Phi is generally quite good. There are a few 7/11’s and lots of pizza slice stalls near the beach. I would recommend ‘Charlies’ for breakfast and ‘Cosmic’ is really nice for dinner and very reasonable. Some of the stuff in 7/11 such as toasties and water are actually more expensive in Phi Phi than in Chiang Mai, which is something to not although it was only a few baht in the difference. Most places are pretty cheap you can get a good mean for about 120-200 baht!

The Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint is really beautiful and definitely worth doing. There are lots of steps but it only takes about half an hour to do. You have to pay 30 baht (less than €1) to get up there but the view is so worth it.


Phi Phi Pirate Boat Tour – While in Phi Phi we really wanted to do a tour that allowed us to see Maya Bay. There are lots of companies that offer tours -‘Shipwrecked’ is a well known one but is primarily a booze cruise. There are also cheaper long boat tours but after researching them all we decided to go with the ‘Phi Phi Pirate Ship Tour’. We wanted a fun, sociable tour with the main focus being on the sites rather than drinking.  The Pirate Ship tour cost 700 baht plus the 400 baht entrance fee to get on to Maya Bay (which is not included in any of the tour prices!) It was 1,000 baht cheaper than the Shipwrecked tour and you could buy beers on the boat if you wanted, so the drinking option is still there.

The first stop was Monkey Beach which we jumped off the boat and had to swim to. The beach is pretty small and there are a few monkeys, but make sure you don’t bring anything valuable as the monkey’s love to take stuff.  Our next stop was Maya Bay which was beautiful! It was a little tricky to get to as you have to climb up a rope and walk across the island for about 2 minutes to actually get to the bay. The rope is quite dangerous as the waves throw you around while you’re trying to climb it and there was so many people on the rope at once. It is worth doing to see Maya Bay though, the water was so blue it was stunning! Our final stop was Pileh Lagoon which is just wow..honestly the bluest water I have ever seen. We spent about an hour there snorkelling and kayaking in the lagoon and it was incredible! We then had some fried rice for dinner as we watched the sunset while sailing back to Phi Phi. I definitely would recommend the tour it was really fun and definitely a good budget friendly option.


Long Beach –  We were told to check this beach out by a local as it is much more beautiful than the main touristy beach. It took us about 40 minutes to get there and we had to walk through parts of the jungle to get to it! It was really pretty and a lot cleaner and quieter than the main beach however the waves were quite big and the current was very strong so not the best place to go swimming.


Nightlife: Phi Phi is well known for its nightlife and I can confirm it is SO FUN. There are lots of really cool bars both along the beach and in the main area.

  • Stockholm Bar – this is a great place to start your night! They have beer pong tables and always have good drinks promotions. When we arrived they had a 99 baht bucket deal which was brilliant. I would definitely recommend their ‘Strawberry Kiss’ bucket, its dangerous good!
  • Kongsiam Bar – this place has really good live music and is so much fun. It’s quite small but the music is great and it is full of Irish.
  • Reggae Bar – this bar does live Muay Thai fighting. You have to pay 600 baht to get in but you get a free drink. It is quite expensive but a good place to experience the fighting and people in the crowd can even volunteer to get up and fight!
  • Slinky’s & Apache – these are two bars along the beach. Most people head to the beach around 12-1am, and all the bars are beside each other so you tend to just follow the crowd. Slinky’s have fire dancers which is really cool and the beach is always bopping.

Other points to note :

  • Phi Phi is COVERED in tattoo studios with most of them offering the ‘Bamboo Tattoo’ option which is pretty cool! They’re not too expensive either so definitely a cool place to get one if you want to!
  • If you are in Phi Phi just before the Full Moon Party I would advise you to book your ferry to Koh Phangan as soon as you arrive as the ferries can book up quite quickly around that time!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any questions.





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