Wanderlands Tour Review

The idea of solo travel has always appealed to me however venturing off completely on my own is a bit of a daunting thought, so I decided to book myself into an 8 day group tour of Bali. Having researched lots of companies I came across Wanderlands Travel on Facebook and the reviews were so positive, I decided to go for it. If you’re looking for a tour that’s well organised, good value for money and is young and sociable this is the tour for you!!

As I said I did the 8 day tour of Bali. The tour covers all the major points of interest and it is so handy having everything organised for you. Before we went to bed each night we were told what time breakfast was at and the time we were to be ready for..it was absolute bliss, hassle free and all you had to do was get yourself up on time! The tour cost includes pretty much everything- transport, accommodation, breakfast and activities. The only thing that wasn’t included was snacks, lunch,dinner and drinks. At the time I was booking the tour it cost me about €570 with the exchange rate (normally around €510 mark) 

The tour was really sociable – there was a group of 20 of us ; Irish, British, American, Dutch and German. Everyone was genuinely so nice I think we were particularly lucky with our group. I had Ryan as my tour guide and he was great, really nice and enthusiastic and made everyone feel very welcome. We ate all our meals together and went out for drinks and pubs/clubs most nights. It was such a fun trip and a great way to see places and get to know people if your travelling alone. 

I honestly couldn’t recommend Wanderlands Travel enough. I was really impressed with how well organised it was and would 100% book another tour with them again. They even pick you up from the airport when you arrive and bring you to the hotel which was really helpful especially when landing in an unfamiliar place! The only thing I would say is to be aware that the tour itself is only really 6 full days of activities. The day of arrival and day of departure is included in the 8 days..there is a welcome dinner the first night however on the eighth day there isn’t anything organised, some people decide to stay longer on Gili T ( like I did ) or else head back to Bali it’s up to you but the tour guides or more than happy to help you organise your further travel!!

If you want to see the best of Bali, make lots of new friends and have a blast I couldn’t recommend a better way to do it! 

Let me know if you have any questions,



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