Hvar – the final stop

The final stop of my Croatian adventure was the beautiful island of Hvar.

Hvar is easily accessible by ferry from both Split and Dubrovnik. My first impressions of this place were great. The city has a really buzzy atmosphere and is full of inter-railers, definitely a good ‘young peoples’ place and has a great night life!

We stayed in an Airbnb about a 10 minute walk to the main town and a 5 minute walk to the beach – Pukonji Dol. It is a bit of a stony trail to get there however the water is crystal clear and is so nice to swim in! Loungers and umbrellas are available to rent although they are a bit of a rip off! ( 40kn for a plastic lounger, 40kn for an umbrella and 50kn for a cushioned lounger!) They are worth renting if you are planning to spend most of the day there however if not, spreading your towel across the stony beach is definitely doable too!

There are 2 restaurants at the beach Mustaco and Pokonji Dol restaurant. Both are expensive enough – Pokonji Dol even more so however food is much better here!

Hvar is a really nice city to walk around. The easy hike up to the Spanish Fortress is definitely worth doing especially to catch the sunset! Entrance costs 25kn but the views are so beautiful!

Blue Caves: I didn’t actually do the Blue Cave Tour but from my understanding it pretty much takes up the whole day and only a certain amount of people are allowed in the caves at a time. There are lots of companies that offer these trips so if your interested it is definitely worth looking into.

Rent a boat: There are lots of places where you can rent boats and tour around the islands surrounding Hvar for the day. The surrounding islands are supposed to be beautiful although I didn’t have time to do it myself, its highly recommended by locals.


Nonicas : This really cute patisserie is well worth a visit! Lovely for a coffee and some cakes/buns! It has been around for years and is definitely a nice treat.

Pizzeria Mizarola: this restaurant apparently does the best pizzas in town and it does not disappoint. Not exactly cheap but food is top class! The first night we tried to go it was booked up so I would definitely recommend pre-booking if you can!

Pizzeria ex Rocco Grill : This restaurant is in the main square so prices are touristy however food here was good! I had a really nice prawn and zucchini risotto!

 One thing I’ll always remember about Croatia is the amount of steps, seriously there are so many!! Croatia is expensive so definitely bare that in mind when planning a trip here. The food has a strong Italian influence so expect lots of pizza, pasta and risotto. It’s hard to get nice fresh fruit and veg so if you are planning to do self catering take that into consideration too! But overall it is a very beautiful country with lots to see and explore! 

Hope you enjoyed! 



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