City Walls, Stoney beaches & Capon – The Best of Dubrovnik 

The walled old city of Dubrovnik is absolutely beautiful you can see why it is an obvious destination to film the Game of Thrones series. The city is full of character with its narrow streets and marbled pavement. Coffee shops and restaurants line the Main Street – ‘Stradun’ which is a mere 300m long. The city is so clean and with over 48 Churches and 2km of city walls it’s no wonder it’s a popular destination for tourists and crusie ships.

Dubrovnik is very expensive. Expect to pay anything from 89- 150kn+ for a meal. They also charge you for literally everything! Milk with coffee is an extra as are the toilets! It’s a great spot for a romantic city break and is very doable in 2-3 days!

Things to do: 

  • Walk the Old City Walls – a definite must do when in Dubrovnik, however a rather pricey one too! ( 150kn which is just over €20!) The Walls are 2km long but vistas are beautiful so it’s definitely worth it! It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. I would recommend doing it either early morning or evening as it’s very busy during the day with passengers from cruise ships! We did it at 5pm and it wasn’t too busy.
  • Walking Tour of the City – we booked this through the tourist office. It cost 90kn per person for an hour walking tour of the old city. If you like history the city has plenty of it to offer and the tour gives you a sufficient briefing of Dubrovnik’s past.
  • Go to the Beach – Banje Beach is the nearest beach to the old city ( about a 5 minute walk) The beach is quite cramped and stoney so make sure to bring your flip flops/water shoes however, the water is crystal clear and really nice to swim in! You can also go cliff/rock jumping off some rocks at the back of the city just follow the path around the back of the walls at the port! 
  • Day Trip to Lockrum : Lockrum is an island about a 10 minute boat journey from Dubrovnik. The island is a nature reserve and is a really nice place to walk around and discover the old monastery or have a swim off the rocks ( there is no beach as such. )  The return boat journey ticket includes admission to the island and costs 120kn. When you get off the boat there is a coffee shop called Snack bar Lacrowa. It’s a lot cheaper than the other restaurant on the island. When we were there they had a meal deal for a ham and cheese sandwich, fruit plate and a glass of white wine for 80kn. Yummy and affordable, it hit the spot nicely! 

  • Water Sports : Jet Skiing or kayaking- quite pricey – jet skiing was 1300kn/1800kn for a unguided/guided hour rental! But guaranteed fun! 


  • Kupon: if you want to experience authentic Croatian food this is the place to go! This restaurant was recommended to us by our Airbnb host and although it’s a bit on the pricey side we certainly got the taste of Croatia. The waiter recommended 2 famous Croatian dishes that were recipes dating back to the 16th century. I went for the Capon or as the waiter described it ‘Virgin Cock’ that was served with an orange stew/sauce with fruit and gnocchi. It was a delicious yet rather interesting dish. The customer service was excellent I would definitely recommend it.

  • Soul Cafe – really good coffee, teas and cakes but a little on the expensive side, a green tea was 34kn and coffee with milk 24kn
  • Micro Cafe – coffee at a more reasonable price (14kn) 
  • Gradska Kavana Arsenal – talk about dinner with a view! Just over looking the port right on the waters edge, this restaurant is the perfect place for some fresh fish. Although it’s a little on the pricey side the whole experience and customer service is impeccable! Food is delicious, I had the salmon for dinner & fresh fruit platter for dessert was so yum!! 

  • Cafe Festival – wouldn’t recommend. It’s on the Main Street and charges rip off prices for TINY portions! Service was also extremely slow and food was only ok! Unfortunately I will not be returning here! 

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