14 Scenic things to do in Vancouver

Last year I got to have the pleasure of living in Vancouver for 8 months. I was there on a university exchange with Simon Fraser University for a semester and then stayed on an worked for the summer.

Vancouver is so cool, there’s so much to do. From English Bay to Grouse Mountain, Whistler,  Stanley Park, Gas Town and China Town the city has it all. Vancouver is a very relaxed city but still has a great buzz. Canadians are so friendly and welcoming and I enjoyed every moment living here! The city has many different areas with Gastown and Kitsilano being my personal favourite!

Canada overall, but particularly British Columbia (BC) is just stunning, so I’ve complied a list of my top 12 scenic must do’s when in Vancouver and BC:

  1. Whistler –  ( like my 2nd home! )Skiing here in winter is incredible! I was lucky enough to have a season pass and I definitely feel I got my money’s worth! In the summer Whistler is taken over by mountain bikers but the resort and its scenery is definitely still worth a visit – Lost Lake and Green Lake are so pretty!
  2.  Joffre Lakes – just past Whistler outside of Pemberton this shortish hike is well worth it to capture the breath taking lakes!
  3. Sea to Sky Gondola – prices are a little steep but views are so worth it!
  4. Sunshine Coast – if your around in Vancouver for awhile take a road/camping trip along the coast, so worth it!
  5. Garibaldi Lake – long hike but well worth it!
  6. Vancouver Island – definitely a must! Visit Victoria to go whale watching I had an amazing time there and the city is so pretty! See my blog post on my whale watching trip for more details! If your in to surfing Tofino is also a great destination, waves are unreal but water is freezing!!!
  7. Lynn Canyon  – a nice day out in Vancouver
  8. Deep Cove – a small hike with amazing views, lovely day out!
  9. Sunsets at English Bay – just breathtaking!
  10. Stanley Park – Vancouver’s famous city park definitely worth renting bikes for a few hours and cycling around.
  11. The Chief Hike – very tough, long hike but worth it for the views!
  12. Cypress/Grouse Mountain – not as good for skiing as Whistler but views over the city are just WOW especially the night skiing! AMAZING
  13. Granville Island – the public market on Granville island is so nice to walk around. Lots of cute and quirky shops, nice food and local craft beers, definitely worth a visit.
  14. Visit Seattle – Greyhound buses do daily trips to Seattle well worth doing! It’s about a 3-4 hour drive! See my ‘Vancouver to San Diego Roadtrip’ blog post for things to do in Seattle! 
  • Banff National Park and Jasper National Park in Alberta are supposed to be so beautiful! Unfortunately I never made it there, but I’m 100% going back to do them! Jasper is about an 8 hour drive from Vancouver, however there is also a Greyhound bus that does the route as well as tours or there is always the option of flying to Calgary too!

Literally would go back to Vancouver at any chance I could! I have so much love for the city!

Hope you enjoyed,





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