Tequila & Tacos – My trip to Cancun

I can’t believe its been a whole year since I was touring the east coast of Mexico! Time flies so fast..its scary sometimes! I’ve been meaning to blog about Cancun for so long and always get asked lots of questions about my trip there, so I decided to kick start this summer with a brief post on my Mexican adventure!

First of all Cancun is amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone. There are so many beautiful islands, turquoise waters and white beaches its a little taste of paradise.


Accommodation: While in Cancun itself, we stayed in an all-inclusive resort, which is a package majority of places seem to offer. Prices range from affordable to luxury so there is something for everyone. We stayed in the Occidental Costa Cancun which was definitely a more affordable option( was $90 CAD for 2 nights!)  The food here was actually really good too! Our stay also allowed us to use kayaks for a day which was really cool! We saw turtles and spent hours paddling and catching starfish, such a fun experience We spent 2 nights here and really enjoyed it!


Isla Mujeres: a beautiful island just off Cancun with incredible turquoise waters! Isla Mujeres is quite touristy however, it is very relaxing and the beach near our hotel was stunning!

Accommodation: We stayed in Playa la Media Luna which I would definitely recommend although a little on the pricey side! Its a lovely small hotel with a really nice pool and in walking distance to almost everything.

Activities: We rented out a golf buggy and drove around the island which is worth doing. There is Mayan temple ruins and a light house at the Southern Tip of the island which is really nice to drive to. We spent 3 nights here and were able to see everything while still have time to relax and take in this beautiful island.



Isla Holbox: out of all places mentioned make this one your priority! It’s INCREDIBLE!!

Hands down it is one of the most beautiful and amazing and most definitely my favourite place I’ve ever visited.

You need to take the ferry from Chiquila (we got a taxi from Cancun, I think it was about a 2hr drive and cost about 4000-6000 pesos but split between 4 of us it wasn’t too bad!)

Accommodation: I stayed in Hotel Casa Iguana which was a nice small hotel but with very comfortable and spacious rooms. The breakfast included wasn’t great to be honest. If your looking for a hostel to stay I would recommend Hostel Tribu its a really social spot and has a great bar at night time!

Activities: Everything about this place is amazing, words can’t even describe it and pictures don’t do it justice.

• Boat Day Trip Around the Island. We booked this through the tourist office. It involved us essentially renting out a private tour boat for the day with a local captain and it was AMAZING! He gave us a tour of the island where we got to snorkel with turtles and stingrays and see wild flamingos and wild dolphins! The island literally has it all its a little paradise! We were unfortunate to just miss the whale sharks season (as many tours offer swimming with whale sharks!) but overall it was definitely my favourite part of the entire trip. A delicious fresh lunch was included in the price too which was 600 pesos each!

Tip: Make sure to haggle with Mexicans our tour was originally 900 each so there is always some room for bargaining.

Other must do’s:

Coco Bongo, Cancun : a must, to experience the Cancun nightlife

Xel-ha Water Park : (so fun!)

• Akumal : famous for swimming and snorkelling with turtles!!

• Chichen Itza : Mayan ruins ( very overpriced, but worth it if you like history)

•Tulum : Cenotes ( under water caves, are amazing! )

Hope you enjoyed!




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