Vienna – One of the most beautiful cities!

Wow, just wow I am so impressed with Vienna. So many beautiful palaces and buildings and great for shopping this city does not disappoint.


On New Year’s Eve we travelled from Munich to Vienna. We booked our train very last minute the night before so paid €70 for our ticket however by booking further in advance tickets are cheaper! We got the 7:25am train which allowed us to arrive in Vienna at 11:30am and the 4 hours flew by!



Day 1 – New Year’s Eve:

When we arrived all the shops had closed for NY at 3pm but we thankfully we managed to find a shop and get some pasta and sauce so we could last until the countdown. For the NYE countdown we headed down to the Rathaus beside the city  hall which was beautifully lit up with a  Christmas market and concert on too. It was very busy as you can imagine but the atmosphere was buzzing! Before the countdown we walked down one of the side streets to Molly Darcy’s Irish Pub (can never escape from the Irish Bars!) which was very affordable for a drink versus the crowded rather over priced Christmas Market! The pub was also buzzing and was only a 2 minute walk from the Rathaus. The countdown and fireworks that followed were great and NY  in Vienna was such a lovely experience! They played the Viennese waltz as the crowd waltzed and danced to the music. After ringing in the new year we got a frankfurter hot dog from one of the kiosks before heading back to our accommodation! We were staying with a friend which was super handy. Her house was really near the Johndstrabe U Bahn station (U3 line) which was about 10/15 minutes from the city centre and the public transport ran all night!


Day 2 New Year’s Day:

After the celebrations of 2017 we didn’t start exploring until rather late but headed straight for the Schönbrunn Palace which was absolutely gorgeous! Incredible to think hundreds of years ago people actually lived in these places, it was so impressive. There was a Christmas market on in the grounds too where you could get everything from freshly cooked crisps to soup in a bread bowl (which is what we opted for) perfect to warm you up on the freezing day that it was! You can pay in to get a tour of the palace (about €15) but the grounds of the palace are also just lovely to walk around and so picturesque definitely worth a visit!


Schönbrunn Palace


Schönbrunn Palace


Schönbrunn Palace Gardens

Day 3:

On our final day, we headed into the city centre, Vienna is honestly so much more beautiful than I imagined! I’m so impressed with it, one of the prettiest cities I’ve been to! We got the u Bahn to Stephansplatz where we saw the beautiful St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Vienna is also amazing for shopping they have a fab H&M, lots of great high street shops and a gorgeous designer district if you have the money! Vienna is also filled with endless amazing palaces, we walked to the Hofburg Palace where there was lots of horse drawn carriages giving tours of the city and then headed on to the Museumsquartier.

Personally, I’m not too keen on museums/art galleries so whether you want to do the tours are walk around, its 100% worth doing, the buildings alone are so beautiful!

To finish the day, we went to Belevedere palace which again was amazing! There’s an art gallery inside which you can pay to see but even just touring the grounds was an absolute treat and watching the sun set on the beautiful city was ther perfect end to our city break!


100% visit Vienna, it’s such a beautiful  city that should be on everyone’s hit list!


Now on to Budapest!!





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