Whale Watching – Victoria BC.

Whale Watching Victoria

So after much research of the various whale watching tours I decided to go with Eagle Wing Tours as they offered a 4hr boat tour with a whale guarantee so even if you didn’t see the whale on the tour you would be offered a ticket to go a different time- since I was only in Victoria for a day this wasn’t an ideal situation for me but I decided to take the risk and just hope the whales would show anyway. I actually got my ticket for 20% discount by booking online and using the hellobc promo code: DBCW4 which is valid until 31st October 2016. Make sure to check on the Vancouver Island tourism sites to see if any promo code is applicable for the time when you’re going.

At 3pm we set off on a boat with about 20-30 people. The boat was semi covered so you could sit inside if you wished however the excitement was outside. Even though it was July, out in the ocean it is very chilly so make sure to have warm clothes however Eagle Wing Tours do provide jackets in case you forget yours. Staring at the sea to try and spot a blowhole from the humpback whales was so exciting as they let out air before diving into the water with their incredible tale being an amazing focal point. We were extremely lucky as one humpback whale decided to breach continuously for about 15 minutes! Watching this massive animal jump out of the water and plunge itself back in was absolutely amazing! During the breaching we also saw the rare fin whale which has only been spotted a couple of times. The final part of the trip took us nearer to the coast of Washington where we saw 3 Transient Killer Whales. These whales do not swim in straight paths so are so difficult to follow as they can appear from anywhere which is one of the reasons why they are such deadly predators. As luck would have it they actually appeared right at the end of our boat which was incredible! I’ve always been so fascinated with killer whales in particular and it was super cool to see them in the wild.


Humpback Whale Breaching

I honestly could not recommend Eagle Wing Tours enough. I know we were very lucky on the day and earlier tours may not have seen as much as we did, but the crew and captain were so friendly and informative. I also had to be back on time to catch the last ferry to Vancouver and since we were running late, they arranged for a minivan to be waiting for myself and my friend when we got off the boat and bring us straight to the ferry terminal which allowed us to make the last ferry as a bus would have taken an hour and a half.  Excellent customer service and an unforgettable day would highly recommend to anyone interested!



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